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3C Public Plan Comparison

3.35 € /user/month excl. taxes; 1.99 € excl. taxes if the user already has a Public 3C Mail & Messaging package.

Additionally, two Domino Application Hosting plans are available:

Discover the low-code development with HCL Volt for 6.99 €/user/month excl. taxes, unlimited applications.


Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
2 GB per application
Pooled storage shared between Mail and Messaging service (basic and standard) and Applications service

Application Features

Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
Domino Application Modernization
LotusScript, Node.js, X-pages, DQL, Javascript/HTML and JAVA developments available
Mobile Availability
Automatic HCL Domino Mobile Apps client set-up
Customizable menu in Verse, Notes client and HCAA (HCL Client Application Access) to provide dynamic links to applications
URL customization
Local synchronization of Domino Applications in hybrid mode option option

Maintenance and Support

Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
Adaptive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance upon request
Scalable Maintenance upon request upon request
CONNELINK support available from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC +1) Monday through Friday, except holidays. In English and French
24/7 support for all critical incidents (severity 1)
2 hours SLA for Severity 1 events
4 hours SLA for other events during work hours
Self-service solution for customer administrator (Business Support System)
AWS & NAGIOS monitoring
Access to experienced consultants and an HCL Ambassador


Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
HCL Digital Solutions licenses included
Service updated for each new version of HCL Digital Solutions


Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
Data antivirus
Encryption and authentication for all network flow
Encryption of all data with CONNELINK keys
HTTP flow protected by reverse proxy, load balancing, and fail-over
Custom SSL certificate management
Cluster, BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) on AWS data centers (at least 100 km between each AWS data center)
Twice daily backup for 3 months, then monthly for one year

Performance and technical information

Feature Plan 1 Plan 2
99.99% service availability per year
Data and applications reversibility
Automatic synchronization of users and groups with any LDAP/AD directory
Unique SAML Authentication for clients (ADFS or equivalent mandatory)
API REST and Web Services for third-party solution integration

3C Applications Add-ons

Feature Price
Additional pooled storage packages shared between Mail & Messaging service and Applications service 10 GB (20 € /year excl. taxes), 100 GB (200 € /year excl. taxes)
1 TB (2,000 € /year excl. taxes), 10 TB (20,000 € /year excl. taxes)
Licenses for local office suite upon request
Dedicated VPN between 3C and customer LAN 3,000 € /year excl. taxes