A new collaboration solution for the digital workplace.

Introducing 3C: An all-in-one SaaS collaboration solution that keeps your data close. Fully integrated mail, chat, and collaboration capabilities that you can deploy anywhere.

Made in Europe.

CONNELINK Collaboration Cloud (3C) helps your business increase productivity with effective collaboration tools. This SaaS offering is built on HCL Digital Solutions (HCL DS), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVHCloud giving you the benefits of public, private, or hybrid cloud, while keeping your data close. 3C could be also available in your own datacenter.

Any current mail & collaboration solution can be moved. 3C is available for customers all over the world.

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Trusted by 20+ Clients

Communication, collaboration, and application solutions

Increase productivity with integrated mail, messaging, web meetings, collaboration tools, and applications built on HCL Digital Solutions for desktop, web, and mobile.

Hosted nearby on the AWS cloud

Ease the workload on your IT department with public, private, hybrid or your datacenter hosting in AWS data centers near you. Own your data while realizing the benefits of the cloud: self-service, scalability, performance, and 99.99% availability per year.

Secure & GDPR compliant

Protect your business data with advanced security from Connelink and AWS. All your data is encrypted and hosted in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and/or Ireland) or, if necessary, outside of Europe (Bahrain and/or South Africa).

Packaged for simplicity and savings

Cut costs by taking advantage of all-in-one communication & collaboration packages priced to be the most competitive in the market.

There to Support You

We provide support for all aspects of your digital transformation: from migration to maintenance to change management and application development. We are available 24/7 to make sure your system is always available.

3C Services


Mail and messaging
HCL Verse

Verse helps you prioritize information, people and tasks, anticipating what you need, when you need it. Verse also integrates collaboration capabilities like instant messaging, file sharing and connections to social networks, from your desktop or virtually any mobile device.

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HCL Domino HCL Volt

Domino has proven its versatility, scalability and value for 30 years. Now, with v11 you can make your apps mobile with zero effort and build new ones 70% faster. With more value and lower TCO than ever, get ready for the next generation of application development.

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HCL Connections

From global tech giants to trusted hospitals, companies rely on HCL Connections to simplify work and create a more engaged organization - it’s the only enterprise collaboration platform centered on the true driver of your business, your people.

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Web meetings
HCL Sametime

Your company can’t afford to take any data risks, but your teams still need to be able to interact and react quickly, wherever they are working. Sametime offers modern instant messaging, file-sharing, and online meetings with the proven security your business can trust.

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3C Public SaaS Pricing

Mail and Messaging service subscriptions

Basic package

2.99 € /user/month (excl. taxes)

Standard package

4.99 € /user/month (excl. taxes)

Premium package

9.99 € /user/month (excl. taxes)

Mail, calendar, contact, messaging, shared mailboxes, room and resources reservations. Available on multiple clients (Notes, Verse, Outlook*, IMAP, PWA, and mobile) Basic package plus: Standard package plus:
Pooled storage with an average of 2 GB per user (50 users = 100 GB) Pooled storage with an average of 10 GB per user (50 users = 500 GB) 100 GB per user. Dedicated storage.
Spam blocker/antivirus for incoming & outgoing mail provided by Altospam Connelink HCL Verse Mail Advanced Multi-factor authentication (available Q1 2021)
GDPR compliance, advanced security, 99.99% availability per year, and multiple data centers Crossware Mail Signature to automatically manage mail signatures
See Details See Details See Details

*Licenses available as an add-on.

3C private SaaS or 3C hosting prices available upon request.

Application service subscriptions

3.35 € /user/month excl. taxes; 1.99 € excl. taxes if the user already has a public 3C Mail & Messaging package, plus:

Domino application without Third-Party Application Maintenance

2.99 € /application/month (excl. taxes)

Domino application with Third-Party Application Maintenance

19.99 € /application/month (excl. taxes)

Volt low-code applications

6.99 € /user/month (excl. taxes)

Global pooled storage for all applications with an average of 2 GB per application Domino application without Third-Party Application Maintenance plus: Domino application without Third-Party Application Maintenance plus:
99.99% availability per year, advanced security, data and applications reversibility, back-ups Smartphone availability. Global pooled storage for all applications with an average of 8 GB per application Add 4 GB in the global pooled storage
Adaptive and preventive maintenance (scalable & corrective maintenance for an additional fee) Adaptive, preventive and corrective maintenance (scalable maintenance for an additional fee) Unlimited number of applications
See Details See Details See Details

3C private SaaS or 3C hosting prices available upon request.

3C Service Add-ons

  • Additional storage
  • Office Suite
  • Dedicated VPN

Cost Savings

We are committed to helping our customers cut costs while receiving best-in-class communication and collaboration tools. In order to help our customers discover just how much they can save with 3C we have developed a comprehensive cost savings assessment.

This free assessment will allow you to quickly and easily determine the total cost of 3C according to your company's specific needs and environment. It also includes a license optimization tool to ensure that you save money by purchasing the right mix of basic, standard, and premium licenses.

Request Cost Assessment

Why work with Connelink?

Uniquely focused on collaboration and communication, Connelink is consistently developing and integrating innovative solutions to help people to work together, increase productivity, secure IT systems and cut costs.

As an IT and consultancy firm, Connelink has 15+ years experience in collaboration solutions and 5+ in cloud hosting. Connelink also has a named HCL Ambassador.


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