3C Collaboration

SaaS Collaborative solution (corporate social network, intranet, communities, files).

2,99 € /user/month.

internal/external team chat on web and mobile HCL Connections
internal/external information sharing communities (wiki, blog, forum, activities, file)
corporate social network
collaborative portals (intranet)
online office suite (document, spreadsheet and presentation)
file sharing and synchronization software for web, mobile and PC


We propose a global included storage space dedicated to the company, regardless of the 3C service.
Based on our experience, we have devised a more rational and eco-responsible consumption model which allows storage to be defined according to actual uses.
Each subscription to a 3C service therefore adds global storage for the company according to its functional level. This global storage accommodates your current storage with a comfortable margin to absorb growth.
Each subscription to the CONNELINK 3C Collaboration service adds 2 GB to the company's global storage.
Global storage augmentation packages are available.