3C Mail and Messaging

SaaS Corporate mail solution (mail, calendar, contacts and tasks) with integrated antispam.

From 1,99 € /user/month.

customizable mailbox HCL Verse
calendar that can be shared with company employees
contact directory synchronized on mobile
task management tool
company chat open to external collaboration
integrated inbound and outbound spam blocker/antivirus (Altospam)
solution compatible with Android, iPhone and tablets
management of room reservations
mail compliance
wide choice of mail interfaces (webmail, mobile, Outlook ActiveSync, HCL Notes, IMAP)


We propse a global included storage space dedicated to the company, regardless of the 3C service.
Based on our experience, we have devised a more rational and eco-responsible consumption model which allows storage to be defined according to actual uses.
Each subscription to a 3C service therefore adds global storage for the company according to its functional level. This global storage accommodates your current storage with a comfortable margin to absorb growth.
Global storage augmentation packages are available.


Functions Essential Basic Standard Premium
Web mail
Spam blocker/antivirus
Chat with internal teams
Web chat
Mobile mail
HCL Notes mail
API REST and webservices
Mail compliance
Mail backup
Chat with internal/external teams
Mobile chat
BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
Room and resource reservation
Multi cloud option Available Available Available
Local degraded hybrid mail option Available Available Available
CONNELINK mail advanced
MS Outlook mail
Room and resource reservation with workflow
Adding pack per year for company global storage (GB) 0,5 2 10 100 GB dedicated
Price per user per month 1,99 € 2,99 € 4,99 € 9,99 €